Katchil: The Prince of Freedom (Kindle Edition)

Katchil: The Prince of Freedom

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The year is 1589. Terror has spread all over the Malayan World as the Spanish Empire systematically conquered nations and brought fiery destruction to all who opposed them.

Raja Laut Buisan, the brave Magindanawon lord admiral, rides his warship over the strong currents of Sugod Irana. He hurries to warn his panginoong datu that their plan to overthrow the Castilian rule in Maynila and Sugbu has failed. Buisan fears that his beloved nation, Magindanaw, will be next. War is coming!

Meanwhile, Liway, a young Bisayan babaylan, leads a group of children as they escape into the treacherous forest of Samad, for an elite Spanish squadron, known as the murderous Inquisidores Rojos, is hunting her kind. Babaylan Liway discovers that their chances of survival are running thin, and she must hurry to discover her true powers!


This novel is intended for mature readers and contains strong imageries and explicit narratives, such as 16th-century military conquests, rebellions, raids, politics, and pagan culture.


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