Datu Press® aims to reach a level of cultural awakening in the Philippines that inspires unity, progress, and nationalistic pride through the creation of articles, books, prints, and music.

Our inspiration comes from Philippine precolonial subjects: the sultanates, rajanates, and datuships; the Lumads and mountain chiefdoms; the Philippines’ ancient relations with countries Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Sumatra, Cambodia, and China; and the Binabaylan and folklore materials.

We drive our Cultural Revolution™ through these advocacy programs:

  1. Publication: creation of novels, reference materials, and online articles
  2. Graphic Design: artworks, posters, and notebooks
  3. Streetwear: culturally charged clothing and accessories
  4. Music: recording of indigenous and contemporary music
  5. Creative Writing: literary training and education programs


Patronizing our products can make a long way, and most of all, by becoming one of our sustaining patrons for progressive change can help us revive the lost cultural identity of the Filipinos. For monetary donations, grants, or patronage, please make your deposit to one of our official bank accounts:


BPI Savings Account

BDO Savings Account

Datu Press®, Cultural Revolution™, and the Datu Logo™ are registered trademarks of DatuPress Publishingand Nakhoda Media Productions.