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Welcome to the official website of Datu Press®. We have provided safeguards and developed policies in making sure that everyone who is using our Platform and our social media outlets is safe, finds it hassle-free and enjoyable. So please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully, for by using our Platform and our social media outlets, you are agreeing to the practices described in this Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

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  1. Acceptance

1.1. Once you use or access our Platform (www.datupress.com) and/or our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube), you agree to comply with all the rules, guidelines, notices, instructions, and policies pertaining to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to this Platform and/or to our social media outlets, as well as any amendments, issued by us.

1.2. We reserve the right to revise these rules, guidelines, notices, instructions, policies, and prices in our merchandise at any time without prior notice. We may do this for a variety of reasons including to reflect changes in requirements of the law, new features, or changes in business practices.

1.3. If you do not accept and agree to be bound by all of the terms of this Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, please do not use our Platform and/or our social media outlets.

  1. Eligibility

2.1. If you are below 18 years old, you must obtain consent from your parent/s or legal guardian/s, and their acceptance of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be their agreement to take legal responsibility for your actions. If you do not have consent from your parent/s or legal guardian/s, you must stop using or accessing our Platform and/or our social media outlets.

  1. Third Party Providers

3.1. We, at Datu Press®, have partnered with reputable third-party service providers for courier services, banking systems, payment facilities, Internet security, website management systems, digital store outlets, and other social media platforms. We are not liable for any errors made by these third-party service providers that may result in any misinformation, losses, or expenses inflicted to the customer/s or user/s while using our Platform and/or social media outlets.

3.2. Please take note that these third-party service providers have their own terms of use, security and safeguard features, partners, and privacy policies. For your protection and safety, you shall agree to comply with their rules and policies.

3.3. Our client-facing and third-party service providers are:

3.3.1. E-book Distributor: Amazon.com

3.3.2. Web Management and Security: WordPress

3.3.3. Social Media Outlet: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter

3.3.4. Payment Facility: Paypal, GCash, LBC Express, Western Union

3.3.5. Banking System: BPI, BDO

3.3.6. Courier Service: LBC Express

  1. House Rules: Cyberbullying, Online Bashing, Spamming, and Others

4.1. You agree not to online bash, bully, intimidate, harass, defame any users of this Platform and/or our social media outlets.

4.2. You agree not to maliciously disclose screenshots of communications with the administrators of this Platform and/or social media outlets to online sites, offline media, social media websites and/or networks.

4.3. You agree not to spam and/or solicit money from or defraud any users.

4.4. You agree not to impersonate any person or entity or post any images of another person without his or her permission.

4.5. You agree not to advertise or promote products/services on our Platform and/or social media outlets that are not official products/services of Datu Press®.

4.6. You agree not to post any content that violates or infringes anyone’s rights, including rights of publicity, privacy, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property or contract right.

4.7. You agree not to post any content that is hate speech, threatening, sexually explicit or pornographic or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

4.8. You agree not to solicit passwords for any purpose, or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other users or disseminate another person’s personal information without his/her permission.

4.9. You agree not to use another user’s account.

4.10. Any or all discontentment will be formally directed to the administrators of this Platform and/or social media outlets, and all issues will be reasonably dealt within the legal boundaries of the Philippine commercial laws.

4.11. For the protection of the users of our Platform/social media outlets, any forms of defamation may be treated with warnings, sanctions, banning, and/or legal actions.

4.12. Datu Press® reserves the right to investigate and/or terminate your account without a refund of any online purchases or services that are dependent on our Platform and/or third party service providers and/or blocking your access to our social media outlets if you have misused our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy or behaved in a way that we find as inappropriate or unlawful.

  1. Product Purchase on Digital Products

5.1. Datu Press® may offer digital products such as e-books, research e-papers, recordings, applications, games, and other digital products, and these products are sold or distributed by our third-party service providers (e.g. Amazon.com) on our behalf.

5.1.1 These third-party service providers have policies and safeguards on how to order our digital products, and if you decide to buy, you agree to follow their terms of use and privacy policy.

5.2. Pictures shown on our digital product’s pages are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary from the picture advertised due to lighting, photo editing, and product improvements.

  1. Product Purchase on Physical Products

6.1. Datu Press® may offer physical products such as books, posters, optical DVDs/CDs, apparel, accessories, mugs, notebooks, writing supplies, and other physical items through our Platform and/or social media outlets. And these cover the following agreements:

6.1.1 Order Placement. You shall be responsible for the completeness and accuracy of your order placement by following the instructions indicated on the specific page/s of the item/s you intend to buy.

6.1.2. Payments. You shall be responsible for paying the amount of the desired product/s you intend to buy by following our payment methods indicated on the specific page/s of the item/s you intend to buy.

6.1.3. Payment Verification. Once you have made the payment, you are required to send a screenshot picture of the deposit slip through our Facebook Messenger inbox as this serves as the payment verification. As soon as our customer representatives verified your payment, we will start the process creation of your ordered item, and this may take 2–3 weeks production period, which depends on the current load of our production staff and/or third-party service providers.

6.1.4. Cancellation by Customer. You may cancel your ordered item by sending us a notice of cancellation through our Facebook Messenger inbox. Cancellation Process Fee. However, if you have deposited your payment and wished for a cancellation, we will be charging 35% of the total cost as a Cancellation Process Fee; this will be debited from your deposited payment, and we will refund your money through our preferred banks or money transfer agencies. Time Limit. Our Cancellation by Customer Agreement on our physical products is only valid within 3 hours upon deposit payment verification; else, we will proceed with your orders with the full amount that you have paid.

6.1.5. Cancellation by Administrator. In cases of erroneous price placement and/or internal issues within our production, and you have already deposited your payment, we have all the rights to cancel or terminate the order placement, and we will be refunding your payment without cost through our preferred banks or money transfer agencies; else, you may change item/s from our available stock inventory. 

6.1.6. Replacement. We have a limited replacement policy on the apparel/physical product items. We only replace apparel/physical product items with the following scenarios: you’ve received a product that is different in nature from the product you have ordered from our Platform and/or social media outlets; you’ve received a faulty or damaged product; However, we do not replace apparel with wrong sizing fit. Please check our sizing guidelines on the pages of the apparel you intend to buy before placing your orders.

6.1.7. Refunds. We try our very best to deliver; however, if there are high volumes of orders and/or if there are internal supplier or production issues, we will notify our customers through an announcement from our website and/or social media outlets of possible delays, about stretching the creation period over a month or so. We hope that we can agree on possible solutions. If not, we will refund on the affected item/s that you’ve ordered without cost.

6.1.8. Apparel Care. For best results and longevity, clean apparel by a gentle wash with mild detergent in lukewarm water, and then hang dry. Do not iron on print. Please note that when the apparel is washed in strong-configured washing machines and/or dried in high-temperature dryers, print peeling may occur.

6.1.9. Product Delivery. Our third party service provider on deliveries is LBC Express. As soon as your ordered item/s is/are created, it will be forwarded to LBC Express: approximately of 1-3 days delivery period for Metro Manila while 7 days for the provincial Philippines. Since we cannot guarantee the date and time of deliveries, please be sure that your supplied delivery address can receive LBC Express packages. If you are physically unavailable to receive LBC Express package/s, please assign someone on your behalf to receive your ordered item/s with your authorization letter and necessary identification cards that LBC Express requires. For any repeat courier service, the customer will shoulder these additional expenses. Kindly check the specific page of the item you intend to buy if this qualifies for free shipping or if there are certain requirements to avail this free service.

6.2. Pictures shown on our physical product’s pages are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary from the picture advertised due to lighting, photo editing, and product improvements.

  1. Intellectual Property

7.1. Unless mentioned otherwise/under open source license use/belonging to public domain/under fair use doctrine, all registered and unregistered trademarks, graphics, content, media, logos, artworks, and all copyrightable materials found in our Platform and/or social media are owned by Datu Press® with the full protection of the international and local Intellectual Property laws.

7.2. No part or parts of this Platform, or any copyrightable materials that we created found on our website and/or social media outlets, may be reproduced, reverse engineered, broadcasted, decompiled, disassembled, separated, altered, distributed, republished, displayed, hyperlinked, mirrored, framed, transferred or transmitted in any manner or by any means or stored in an information retrieval system or installed on any servers, system or equipment without our prior written permission from us.

7.3. Permission will only be granted to you to download, print or use these materials for non-commercial uses and/or to use as reference materials with an intention to buy from our Platform and/or social media outlets, provided that you do not modify these materials, and that we retain all copyright and other proprietary values contained in these materials. 

  1. Notice of Copyright Infringement

8.1. If you believe that your work has been posted on our Platform and/or social media outlets in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide us with the following information:

8.1.1. a description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed;

8.1.2. supporting documents, certifications, and documents of legal evidence that you are the rightful owner of the material;

8.1.3. a description and the location information of where the material that you claim is infringing on our Platform and/or social media outlets;

8.1.4. your contact information, including address, telephone number, and email address;

8.1.5. a formal written statement that is notarized, made under the penalty of perjury, and that the above information in your notice is accurate, indicating that you are the copyright owner of the disputed material located on our Platform and/or social media outlets.

8.2. We reserve all the rights to investigate, dispute, and submit to legal offices for clarifications; else, we will remove the material in question for reasons of possible copyright infringement.

  1. Limitations and Liabilities

9.1. We have provided online safeguards and third-party software securities to our systems and website. However, no system can be completely safe, but we assure you, with the best of our knowledge and security protocols, that the content and materials published by us on our Platform and/or social media outlets are free from any computer virus or malicious, destructive programs or macros.

9.2. We shall not be liable to you for any losses whatsoever or howsoever caused, regardless of the form of action, arising directly or indirectly in connection with the following:

9.2.1. any access, use, or the inability to use this Platform and/or our third-party service providers;

9.2.2. dependence or reliance on information made available through this Platform and/or our third-party service providers;

9.2.3. any failures in systems, server or connection failure, errors, omissions, interruptions, delay in transmission, force majeure, computer virus or other malicious attacks or its equivalents.

9.3. Any misunderstanding, error, damage, expense or losses resulting from the use of this Platform and/or our third-party service providers is entirely at your own risk, and we shall not be liable therefor.

Document Update: March 7, 2018 – Terms of Use