Frequently Asked Questions

From ordering, payments, refunds, and to shipping — we gathered the best FAQs for your ease of use, and if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.


How to order e-books?
Our third party service provider for e-books is They sell and distribute our e-books on our behalf. If you wish to order our e-books, kindly download and install Amazon’s Free Kindle App from Google Play or Apple App Store in your Android or IOS cellphones, tablets, or personal computers. Then, search and purchase our e-books under Amazon’s online payment facility. Kindle App is a free e-book reader software in where you can access and purchase our e-books.

How to order apparels and non-digital products?
As of the moment, apparels and non-digital products are only available for Philippine residents. We are currently upgrading our online shopping and worldwide delivery system. For the time being, please like our Facebook Page and private message us through Messenger by sending your order information:

Full Name: Last Name, First Name Middle Name
Delivery Address:
E-mail Address:
Contact Number:
Product Code:
Size: For Apparels Only

Where to pay?
For now, we require bank deposits in accommodating your payments. Upon deposit, please send us a proof of payment by providing a screenshot or photo of your deposit slip through our Facebook Messenger inbox. As soon as our customer representatives validate your payment, your ordered item(s) will be processed, and the creation period of 1-3 weeks will start. Kindly make your deposit payments through the following:


BPI Savings Account

BDO Savings Account

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Why 1-3 weeks creation period for your non-digital products?
We maintain a limited stock inventory and have a biweekly production schedule; your ordered item(s) may fall in either of these two categories; and in most cases, we create on demand basis. As soon as your item is available or created, we will notify you through our Facebook Messenger that your ordered item is turned over to LBC Express for shipping, our third party courier service provider. Kindly wait 1-3 days delivery period within NCR or 7-day delivery period outside of NCR. Please be sure that your supplied delivery address can receive LBC Express packages. If you are not around to receive it, you should have an authorized person to accept the item on your behalf with government issued identification card(s), letter of authorization letter and its supporting identification card.

Is this worth the wait?
Yes, definitely. All our products are made with the highest level of quality materials, originally designed by artists and designers, and your patronage will fuel the advocacies of Datu Press® in reviving the lost cultural heritage of the Philippines and supporting our for-a-cause projects such as education and livelihood programs. To know more about this, please click here.

Do you have a physical store?
Currently, we only have an online shop, and we are on the lookout for the best physical store location. Until then, please wait for our announcements through our website and Facebook page, for we will be joining conventions and bazaars.


How long will the delivery take?
Our third party service provider for deliveries is LBC Express. As soon as your ordered item is created, our customer service representatives, through Facebook Messenger, will notify that your item is forwarded to LBC Express. Please wait for 1-3 days delivery period within Metro Manila and 7 days delivery period in other provinces, as per LBC Express’ service policy. Since we cannot guarantee the date and time of deliveries, please be sure that your supplied delivery address can receive LBC Express packages to avoid inconveniences, else the customer will be shouldering any additional expenses for repeat courier services.

Is there an additional shipping fee?
For Philippine’s NCR our shipping fee is free. However, for other provinces, there will be an additional fee on top of the product price, and it will be included in your bill.

Do you ship apparels and non-digital products worldwide?
Shipping worldwide is in our project pipeline, currently, our apparels and non-digital products are limited to the customers living in the Philippines.


If the item delivered was with damage or error, can I return it?
Yes, you should notify your intention of return within seven days upon receipt of your ordered item, and the tags and packaging are intact, have not been washed for apparels, and no evidence of mishandling or misuse. However, we will not return apparels with reasons of wrong sizes. Before ordering apparels, kindly review our guideline sizes, click here. For returning a damaged or erroneous item, kindly drop us a message through Facebook Messenger with the information:

Full Name: Last Name, First Name Middle Name
Delivery Address:
E-mail Address:
Contact Number:
New Product Code:
New Size: For Apparels Only


Do you refund?
We try our very best to deliver; however, if there are high volumes of orders or if there are internal supplier or production issues, we will notify our customers through an announcement from our website of possible delays, about stretching the creation period over a month or so, and we hope that we can agree on possible solutions. If not, we will refund on the affected items that you have ordered.


How to clean apparels?
For best results and longevity, clean apparel inside out by a gentle wash with mild detergent in lukewarm water, and then hang dry. Do not iron on print. Please note that when the apparel is washed in a strong-configured washing machine or dried in a high-temperature dryer, print peeling may occur.