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Datu Press® aims to reach a level of cultural awakening that inspires unity, progress, and nationalistic pride through the creation of books, prints, and music.

Our inspiration comes from the Philippine precolonial subjects: the sultanates, rajanates, and datuships; the Lumads and mountain chiefdoms; her ancient allied countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Sumatra, Cambodia, and China; and the Binabaylan and folklore materials.

We drive our Cultural Revolution® by these four program advocacies:

  1. Publication: creation of novels and reference materials
  2. Graphic: designs on clothing, stickers, and posters
  3. Music: development and recording of indigenous music
  4. Creative Writing: literary training and education programs


How to help?
Patronizing our products can make a long way. Please visit our shop and support our current offerings. For our corporate giveaways or special gift offerings, kindly drop us a message by clicking this link.

I am a cultural advocate, and I want to donate or give grants, how can I do this?
We felt that we are not alone on this path of cultural awakening. Since we had started Datu Press®, we have been receiving warm support and pledges from citizens that have the heart of rebuilding and reviving the lost cultural identity of the Filipinos. To know more about our nation-building advocacy programs through education, entertainment, and the arts, please send us an invitation. And for monetary donations/grants/patronage please deposit to the following bank accounts:


BPI Savings Account

BDO Savings Account

Datu Press®, Cultural Revolution®, and the Datu Logo® are registered trademarks of DatuPress Publishing.

I am an artist, how can I help?
We are looking for artists that have a body of work that promotes indigenous Filipino arts and culture. Please send us an invitation to set a meeting, so we can collaborate and become agents of progressive change through our Cultural Revolution®.