The Art of Katchil

Katchil Art Prints

• Price: ₱1,000.00 PHP • Cash on Delivery • Art Prints •

Stunningly created, painstakingly researched, and printed on top-quality 8R prints, you can now enjoy the art and maps of your all-time favorite — Katchil: The Prince of Freedom.

The Art of Katchil Collection includes:

  • The Katchil Front Cover Art
  • The Katchil Back Cover Art
  • Precolonial: Far Eastern Lands
  • Precolonial: Lusong, the Visayas, Maluku Besar, and the Sulug Islands

Each of our print is chemically developed that uses industry-standard photo printing technology, which guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment that is free from discoloration.

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