The Maharlika Collection


During the precolonial age, the Tagalogs in Luzon had a social class who enjoyed freedom, and these freemen were called the Maharlika. They harvested the riches of their lands without paying tributes, and they were a martial class, sharpening their swords to defend their common liberty.

The Maharlika’s equivalent to the Visayans was called the Timawa. And for the Mindanaons, their word for freedom is called Mahardika or Kamahardikaan, and its similarity with Luzon’s Maharlika could not be denied. But one thing is certain: the Spirit of Freedom lived in the hearts of the pre-conquest Filipinos.

Datu Press® presents The Maharlika Collection. This culturally-charged streetwear collection showcases the Maharlika Spirit that stands for the martial prowess and the freedom of the precolonial Filipinos, an ideology that is still relevant and worth fighting for in this present age. Be the modern-day Maharlika — a warrior, a protector, a defender, and a freeman!

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Join our Cultural Revolution® and let the Maharlika Spirit live forever! Stay noble!

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