The Okir Collection


There was a time when the Okir Art was ubiquitous in the coastal communities of ancient Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. This art form is made of geometric shapes and flowery patterns that were etched in furniture, weapons, houses, ships, and embroidered on clothing — once uniting the precolonial Philippines in the arts.

Datu Press® presents The Okir Collection. This culturally-charged streetwear collection showcases a time when the Datus met the Kastilas, when Kampilans clashed against Espadas, and when Istanas stood proudly while Kastilyos were erected, and the Okir Art became a silent witness to the changing lands of the pre-conquest Philippines.

Shop for this collection: 

Join our Cultural Revolution® and let the Okir Art live forever! Stay noble!

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